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FR-1200 Dry reagent fluorescence immunity analyzer

  • FR-1200 Dry reagent fluorescence immunity analyzer
  • The analyzer is a kind of fluorescence immunoassy quantitative analyzer based on microprocessor. It can be used in fluorescence immunoassy test. It is used with matched special kit based on fluorescence immunochromatographic method, applicable for fluorescence immunoassy detection of human serum, plasma or whole blood sample, the test results can be used as auxiliary for clinical diagnosis. It will provide doctors with reference data for diagnosis and therapy of patient disease, as well as guidance for monitoring, rehabilitation, etc. of patients after therapy.

  • OS: win7
  • Excitation light source: LED or diode laser;
  • Instrument interface: 1, USB interface*4; 2, Ethernet interface*1
  • Test channel: 12 channels, more than 120T/hour; after samples are treated, the instrument automatically complete test, so as to save a multitude of labor and time, effectively improve detection efficiency
  • Display: 24-bit true color, resolution is 1024*768, with 8-cun LCD.
  • Sample type: whole blood, serum/plasma and urine;
  • Function of temperature control: built-in heating equipment, temperature control precision by ±1℃。
  • Basic parameter: power input AC 220V 50/60Hz; power 250VA。
  • Repeatability: CV≤10%。
  • Stability: σ≤±5%。
  • Linear dependence: r≥0.99。

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